Are you stuck in a dysfunctional communication pattern with your partner? Are you having the same argument, over and over again, with your child? Is your anxiety interfering with your sleep? Are you missing out on opportunities and happiness because of worries? Is it hard to say no, because you fear you will be rejected or disliked?

Daria works with individuals, couples and families. She offers sessions in brief strategic systemic therapy according to the methodology of the Gregory Bateson Institute Europe. She also provides tailor-made coaching programmes to business professionals who are looking for personal development.

Daria helps individuals increase their self-awareness and openness to alternative perspectives. She helps people generate new insights and ensure that this translates into immediate action. Daria works for sustained positive behavioural change.

The ability to quickly and fully grasp a difficult situation makes Daria's work valuable for her patients and clients. Her professional integrity and experience make her different, while her personal background gives her unique strengths.