Leadership Coaching

Individual development and evolution is an ongoing process. Creativity in meeting new and unforeseen challenges is necessary to keep professionals on the path of sustainable personal growth. A leader needs a solid foundation to withstand turbulent organisational conditions. Businesses fail for reasons that are often very evident to outsiders, but which insiders often fail to see because of their proximity to day-to-day problems, and their determination to overcome them.

This coaching programme guide senior managers to lead and manage themselves more effectively in relation to their potential, their resources, their challenges and their contexts. It facilitates the development of leadership capabilities with the purpose of improving performance, effective action, goal achievement and personal satisfaction.

Daria uses an inquiry technique which focuses on enhancing what is working, rather than dwelling on what needs to be fixed. The process invariably involves growth and changes, whether in perspective, attitude or behaviour. The programme helps individuals expand their leadership capabilities and allows them to reach their full potential. It is a powerful opportunity to further professional and personal development, and is usually an excellent source of motivation.

This coaching programme is intended for business executives and senior managers in Swiss and international companies and organisations.

Daria coaches in English, French and Swedish.