Team Leadership

Matrixed organisations, cross functional- and remote teams are all norms in today's world. Aligning leadership team members around one vision and common goals - having different styles, experiences and knowledge - is never easy. So many people - inside and outside the organisation - depend on and are affected by how members of the leadership team collaborate.

Knowing how to interact and benefit from different views in the leadership team is part of the key to the success.
The leadership team needs to collectively develop a culture that enables each member to feel safe expressing divergent opinions, to know that they can count on each other, and that they can apply the right strategy while making progress and innovating.

Using a human-centered, systemic and strategic approach to team leadership, Daria and her partners help leaders across the organisational hierarchy work toward better group performance, while developing individuals into better colleagues and leaders in the process. The following process is adapted to the client's needs and request:
- a preparation session with the client in order to fully understand the expectations and define the project
- an individual session with each member of the leadership team
- one or more working days with the team
- a debriefing and/or follow-up session with the team Daria and her partners guide teams to evolve together.
For the leadership team working days, we either meet at your office, or you come to our place in an enriching setting sourounded by nature: Castle of Eclépens
The result is collective growth, stronger collaboration, better output and accelerated impact. Our strategic and systemic leadership team interventions will help you get there. Contact