The most beautiful thing, also the most difficult


When human relationships work well, there is nothing better. When a relationship does not work, there is nothing more painful, saddening and draining.

Sometimes, outside circumstances cause us to lose sight of what is imortant in life. Sometimes, we cause ourselves to lose the things that mean the most to us. Whether a life changing accident happens or we momentarily do something out of character that leads to irreparable damage, we often only realise what we had, once it is gone.

Our lives and priorities are all different. However, there are precious things in life that are universal, like family and friends.

Our family relationships are the most difficult, and at the same time the most important ones. If we figure these out, we tend to be able to keep functioning relationships with friends and others. Family relationships are the most crucial factor for happiness and in combination with our calling, tend to be our reasons to live. For most, family is at the top of the list in terms of values and priorities.

Sometimes, it is easy to forget just how much family means to us. They are the people we typically live with and it is hard to live with another person, no matter how much we like them. Love gives way to frustration and sometimes, we feel like we hate the other person.

Our family is irreplaceable and precious, we need to devote our time and energy to nurturing those precious relationships. Nurturing and working on your family relationships, is worthwhile for you and the others.