Couple Therapy


Regain intimacy, improve sex, communication and companionship, to mention a few. Are you serious about improving your relationship?

Relationships can be such a source of stress, but they are also our most powerful teachers and catalysts for growth.

On the spiritual plane we might all be one, however on the physical plane, where we live our everyday lives, we are separate. We have separate bodies and separate minds. Most of us live and operate on the physical plane where there is a separate me and you.

People will not always act the way we want them to, or the way we would act. What we want is not always what they want. What we think is a kind action, is not always perceived as kind. The language you are using seems ok with you, but may not feel so ok with your partner - you see the world through different lenses.

The reasons may be different, however taking time and money for couple therapy are many times a good investment for a more joyful life and a source of motivation. Appointments by email and/or phone.