Relationships Involve Work



When one or both partners have demanding jobs and busy schedules, and when there are children around, couples end up not having enough time to focus on each other and their relationship.

Do you have issues due to disagreements around money, parenting, lifestyle, in-laws or other family members? Has something bad happened, and you are both struggling with it, like infidelity, loss, redundancy or illness?

Has a big life change come between you, like retirement, children leaving home or health matters? When life changes for one person and not the other, there can be a sense you are suddenly living different lives. Even if you both experience the change, you might feel differently about it. Judgements and conflict can come into play, and you can drift apart. One partner might even blame the other for the change.

Do you face sex and intimacy issues, including a difference of libido, one partner losing interest, lack of trust, as well as different wishes and styles in lovemaking? It is easy to say such a thing should not be enough to ruin a relationship. The tension from not talking about sex and intimacy problems can cause conflict over other things, and/or leave one partner feeling bitter or neglected.

When life throws a curve ball, it would be ideal if our partner could be totally available to support us. However, we all respond to challenges in different ways. You might be an emotional sort and your partner someone who withdrawals, for example. These differences during difficult times can lead to you feeling distant from the very person you hoped to feel closest to.

Is the communication between you really poor? Have you stopped sharing your experiences and feelings? Are you hiding something from your partner? Is there a trust issue? Do you have e feeling you are drifting further and further apart?

CONTACT to relieve your emotional distress and help your suffering couple.