Happy Family Pictures

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Ever seen happy family pictures of friends and acquaintances online? What you find on carefully edited social media feeds might be something different to what is going on in real life.

Relationship struggles that you would never knew existed, are not seen on smiling photos on Instagram. Whatever your age is, and whatever your relationship looks like, one or several habits below might fuel the fight instead of calming it.

Do you focus on complaints or on a solution?
Do you talk quickly, with short breaths, or speaking calmly and slowly?
What terms do you use, "always? and ?never?, or sometimes? Do you speak about the other person in "you" terms, or do you use "I" statements?
Are you speaking or are you listening?
Do you walk away with a constructive, or negative, ending?

Couple therapy might not solve all your problems, however it often untangles and clarifies the dysfunctional interactions taking place in the relationship, calming the situation down and making it less painful.

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