Fighting about money?


Money is the primary cause of friction in many couples (followed by annoying habits). Our emotional issues around money could be the exact reason we do not have more cash to pay our bills.

Whether it is anxiety about paying the bills, guilt at spending, or feelings of inadequacy over our income, money is a leading source of worry, and one of the main causes of rows in couples. The way we treat money is influenced less by logic and more by deep-seated beliefs that we are often unaware we hold. We may grow up watching our parents struggle with money and subconsciously develop negative, fearful emotions towards it. Low self-esteem can lead to the self-fulfilling prophecy that we will never make enough to be comfortable. The obstacles that keep us from having more and being more are rooted in the emotional, psychological and spiritual conditions that have shaped our thoughts. In other words, what we have begins with what we think. Money is a subject that provokes strong emotions, however we rarely discuss it even with our closest friends. Talking about money with a coach can feel both exposing and liberating. Want to try ?