The Importance of Couple Therapy


Among clients seeking treatment for emotional distress, problems with intimate relationships are the most cited causes.

Despite the rise in couples cohabiting and single-parent families, young people want to marry. One in five first marriages fail within the first six years. About 45% of first marriages ultimately end in divorce (Copen et al., 2012). Most married couples report significant distress at some point in time. Marital "success" augments well-being, physical health and economic stability. Marital conflict, unhappiness and divorce cause declines in all the just mentioned areas and generate similar problems in the next generation. Couple therapy has been shown to improve marital satisfaction and happiness (Lebow, Chambers, Christensen, & Johnson 2012).

In summary, relationship success matters greatly, is commonly compromised and improves with therapy. Why wait? Take action to unburden yourself and people you care for from unnecessary suffering.