Therapeutic Sessions

Are you stuck in a dysfunctional communication pattern with your partner? Are you having the same argument, over and over again, with your child? Is your anxiety interfering with your sleep? Are you missing out on opportunities and happiness because of worries? Is it hard to say no, because you fear you will be rejected or disliked?

Brief strategic systemic therapy is defined as neither normative nor pathologising. Problems presented by clients are approached practically rather than analytically. There is no attempt to determine past causes; instead the goal is to identify current dysfunctional patterns of behaviour and to address those patterns directly.

One part of the work takes place during the sessions. Another very important part takes place outside the sessions, by the clients in their real-life situations. The client improves his or her current status by taking an active part in changing how they deal with challenging situations.

Based on her training, Daria works in accordance with the methodology and protocols developed by the Gregory Bateson Institute Europe. Systemic therapy was orginally developed by the Palo Alto school and the Mental Research Institute (MRI) in California.

This service is intended for men and women of all ages.